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A video of Woo Lotti goes viral, telling the sad story of a young rapper’s death – Rullie i


A video of Woo Lotti has been shared on social media sites. As the video of his death makes its way around social media, it serves as a reminder of why such violent acts should never be okay.

Given what happened before and after Woo Lotti’s death, it’s no surprise that many people were moved by the tragedy.

Even among the people who shared and talked about this video, there is an underlying respect for Woo Lotti’s privacy. Some of the people who shared and talked about it have since deleted the post to protect his memory.

It’s a sad but hopeful sign of what kind of legacy he must have left behind. Many people will remember him for sure.

Many people can’t believe that Woo Lotti’s death was caught on video and then made public.

Even though no one knows where the video came from, it has made people curious about what really happened that night. There are questions about who made the recording and why it wasn’t released before now.

Also, the video itself is still hard to see, mostly because it takes place at night when it is dark.

What went wrong with Woo Lotti?

In April 2020, Chicago gang rivals beat the 15-year-old rapper very badly, which led to his death.

Woo Lotti was a young rapper with a growing fan base who loved making music and was good at what he did. His death was a terrible loss for the rap scene, and his fans still feel sad about it.

Two members of the OG gang are said to have stabbed Woo Lotti in Harlem, New York City. This was the event that led to his death.

In April 2020, the body of the young rapper was found in the Bronx. Two men, a 28-year-old and a 16-year-old, were arrested in connection with his death. In the end, they were charged with killing Lotti.

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At least eight men are thought to have taken part in killing Woo Lotti. His gang and the gangs of his rivals were fighting and dropping diss songs to each other.

Rivalry led to the rapper’s untimely death in the end. Woo Lotti was stabbed several times, and the wounds were so bad that they killed him.

The trial of the people who are thought to have killed him is still going on, and it is likely that they will get a long prison sentence for what they did.