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The community of Purok 9, Poblacion Sur, Don Carlos Town, has been shaken by the tragic death of Kimberly Achas. The student, who was 22 and in her third year of school, lived with her partner, Elson Campo Jaimsula, who was 27, and their 9-month-old child.

Kimberly Achas was found dead in their home on March 12, 2023. She had been stabbed several times. The community was shocked by what happened, and the police started looking into the case right away. There was a brief leak of CCTV footage of the incident online.

What happened to Kemberly Achas?

But it was taken down quickly because of how violent it was. The video showed that Kimberly Achas’s partner, Elson Campo Jaimsula, beat her up very badly. The main suspect in the murder case, Elson Campo Jaimsula, was caught by barangay officials and then turned over to the police.

Who Killed Kemberly Achas?

He is now being held at a place run by the Don Carlos Municipal Police Station and is being charged with murder for what he did to his partner. People are now more aware of how important it is for public places to have surveillance cameras, which can help prevent and solve crimes.

Who Is The Suspect?

The footage from the CCTV cameras was a key part of figuring out who the suspect was and catching him. Without this evidence, it would have been hard to catch him. Kimberly Achas’s untimely death has shocked and saddened her family, friends, and the whole community.

Who was Kemberley Achas?

She was a young student with her whole life ahead of her. Her death cut short a bright future. As the case is still being looked into, the community is hoping that justice will be done and that the person who did it will be held responsible for what he did. The event has also shown how important it is to deal with domestic violence and ab*se, which is still a big problem in many places.

Kimberly Achas was a victim of a terrible crime, and the community must come together to help the victim’s family and make sure that justice is done. If you know something that could help the police solve a crime or find a missing person, it is your duty as a citizen to tell them. Giving the police information is a key part of keeping the public safe and helping to bring criminals to justice. Here are some things you can do to give the police information.