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In a Hall of Fame movie, former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irving and his legal team talk about how they plan to meet with Marriott employees in February to talk about the accusations made against him and file a $100 million lawsuit against the hotel chain.

Before the video was shown in a planned presentation on Tuesday, 20 points were brought up. This raised questions about the situation, which led to Irvin being asked to leave the hotel and his Super Bowl day appearance being canceled. The clerk overheard the conversation in the hotel lobby. He or she then said that Owen tried to make unwanted advances by making obscene comments and saying he would find her later.

Full CCTV surveillance footage from the hotel lobby

Details weren’t made public until Friday of last week. After what happened on February 5, Irwin filed a lawsuit against Marriott for slander and causing emotional distress on purpose in the workplace as payback. Before the big meeting on Tuesday, he moved the $100 million lawsuit from the federal court in Texas to the state court in Arizona on Monday.

In its first account of what happened, Marriott says that Irving, who was drunk, tried to pick up the woman while they were talking near the entrance bar of the Renaissance Phoenix Hotel. Before seeing the video on Tuesday, McCarthern asked the women why they were talking to the wide receiver. He thought it was to get in the way of people and get their attention.

What’s in Michael Irvin’s video?

In the quiet footage, Irvin and the employee can be heard talking for three minutes and ten seconds. After Irvin’s lawyer saw the film for the first time, he or she gave several reasons for the nonverbal cues that were shown. It looks like the conversation went on for 1 minute and 45 seconds.

Video of the Marriott Hotel Lobby

At 31 seconds into the video, when the staff of Irving’s goes to the lounge area, they look very interested. After shaking hands, the two walked about 2 feet away from the place to talk. At 1:44, Owen put his right hand on her left arm and stroked it. As they talked, the woman took a step back from him, which put them about two feet apart.

At 2:20, after shaking hands and what looked like some laughter, another worker came in, waited a moment, and then came over. At 2:48, the shopkeeper took a picture of Owen near the front door. As Owen turned to face the bar, it looked like he was making fun of himself by punching himself three times. When Irvin and the woman worker had to leave at 3:08, they went back to the lobby to talk.