Trending Can't Provide This Soft Life Don't Deceive Yourself Social Media Isn't Real-Kiddwaya
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Trending Can’t Provide This Soft Life Don’t Deceive Yourself Social Media Isn’t Real-Kiddwaya


Trending Can

Some hours ago, popular BBN star and lifestyle expert, Kiddwaya reacted to the death of late South African singer, Costa Titch. He noted that he was a very talented young artist and that the music managers and people who are behind the music scene should always do medical checkups for artists before they go on stage. He said many artists are always on drugs just to escape the stress of life and end up having heart attacks due to it.4bc3da8025334c31890366804efa29d4?quality=uhq&resize=720

Kiddwaya’s statement didn’t sit well with many as they criticized him for saying such at this time.

Kiddwaya later took to his official social media handle to react to criticisms he saw online. He said someone said he wanted to use the death of the late South African singer to trend.

Kiddwaya responded to the critic by showing off his mansion. He said “trending” can’t acquire that and can’t provide the kind of soft life he’s living. He stated that people shouldn’t deceive themselves, adding that social media isn’t real but where he’s at the moment is real life.

He said, “Someone said I want to trend that was why I came out with all the accusations. Trending cannot provide this kind of soft life. Don’t deceive yourself, social media isn’t real, this is real life”.

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