Who is Will Thayer? Video leaked on reddit and twitter
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Who is Will Thayer? Video leaked on reddit and twitter


Ned Fulmer of the Try Guys YouTube channel admitted to cheating on his wife Ariel while working on his channel. As a result, Ariel fired him from the group.

The Try Guys announced on their Instagram account that Ned Fulmer had left the group Tuesday.

The final statement from Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang thanked fans for their support as they transitioned away from the show. After conducting an in-depth review, it was determined there was no future for the show.

Ned addressed the news less than an hour later on his personal Instagram account.

He kissed Alex Herring, a producer for the Try Guys, at a New York City bar. After this incident, he wrote that family should have always been his priority. However, he lost focus and had a workplace relationship with the producer.

Ariel Fulmer and Ned Fulmer took a selfie for this image.
Ned Fulmer broke his marriage vows by cheating on Ariel Fulter. The Try Guys ended their partnership with him after this scandal became public.

When he continued, the man apologized for the pain his actions caused to his fans and the guys. However, he said the only thing that mattered was his marriage and children. Therefore, he would focus all of his attention on his family.

Ariel, who is 36 years old and shares son Finley, 1, and Wesley, 4, with Ned, spoke out amidst the scandal.

Carrey’s message on her Instagram said, “Our family is all that matters to me and Ned. All we ask is that you give us some privacy for the sake of our kids as you reach out to us. Thank you for understanding.”

After photos and screenshots were posted in a Reddit thread, news came out that Ned had an affair with Herring while frequently speaking about how much he loved his wife.

Apparently taken at East Village bar Niagara, the posts show Ned kissing Herring.